Face shield – EN 166 – category II


A face shield developed to protect the face from drops and splashes of liquid. The face shield is made of a crystal-clear thin plastic film (PET), an adjustable headband with a lock and a foam pad to protect from drops and sweat in the boiler. The visor can be disinfected with alcohol or other disinfectants.

The visor has an estimated shelf life of 10 years and can be stored for future needs.

The visor is type tested and approved by RISE in Sweden according to standard EN-166 as a personal protection product belonging to category II, which is a legal requirement according to directive (EU) 2016/425 for this type of protection.

The standard EN-166 places requirements on mechanical strength, optical clarity and diffraction, but also on labelling of the product and documentation.

Our visors can handle mechanical stress tests at 55 degrees heat and at minus five degrees of cold. The face shield also has excellent optical properties.

Optical properties
spherical refractive power 0.00 (req.< 0.06 m-1)
astigmatic refractive power 0,00 (req.< 0.06 m-1)
vertical prismatic refractive power 0.0 (req.< 0.25 cm/m)
horizontal prismatic refractive power 0.1 (req.< 0.75 cm/m)
optical transmission 89% (req.< 74.4%)
optical diffusion 0,2 (req.< 0.5)


This visor is not to be confused with many similar products on the market that have certificates issued by the manufacturer and which refer to Category I which is both erroneous and misleading for buyers and users.

Our visors are manufactured and assembled within the EU / Sweden and are sold through distributors and retailers.

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More information on product development can be found in this article.


Item number Description User manual Declaration of conformity
23670110 Face shield, multipack 100 pc EN,DE,DK,SE pdf