Furniture industry

Brigo manufactures custom made, high quality textile products and furnitures for both outdoor and indoor areas. We support well established customers in the furniture industry with private label production, as well as smaller interior design companies with special project solutions. We work with high quality materials and components, all known for their durable benefits, and use our years of experience to help our customers to develop unique products.



As a complement to cushions and furnitures, Brigo also manufactures made to measure high quality furniture covers, to protect and fit each of your furniture modules. We use durable materials with weather resistance properties.  


Outdoor & indoor cushions

Brigo manufactures high quality, custom made seat cushions and pillows with outdoor performances. The cushions and pillows are made from special fabrics and foams with durable qualities, that withstand harsh weather conditions, sunlight and dirt.

For indoor and covered areas, we offer made to measure, high quality seat cushions and pillows in suitable foams and fabrics. 



Except for cushions, Brigo also manufactures furnitures in materials such as wood and metals, both for indoor and outdoor areas. We assist our customers in the development process with our technical experience, creating high quality frames and designs.



Brigo manufactures made to measure curtains for both indoor and outdoor areas. We provide our customers with complete solutions, including rails and fittings for easy assembly. We offer a large variety of high quality curtain fabrics, from thin sheers to black out materials, all from well known suppliers with required fabric standards, depending on final areas of use.