Brigo Automotive

We provide the automotive industry with demonstration and promotional materials such as paint samples, upholstery samples, decor samples and various display materials. Among our customers are several of the world’s largest car manufacturers.


Paint, upholstery and decor samples

Brigo manufactures and distributes color samples, upholstery samples, decor samples and display materials for several of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Common features of our automotive projects are global logistics, a rapid pace and a high volume of information. Car manufacturers change their offerings several times a year, placing exacting demands on planning and delivery performance in order for dealerships around the world to provide their showrooms with the right materials at the right time.


Subscription services

Which markets do we work in? Which car models are sold in which markets? Which display systems do the dealerships have in their showrooms?

By collecting all the information in our system, we have created a subscription service in which each individual dealership is automatically given the correct display materials. Our portal provides each marketing manager with an overview of active subscriptions, allowing them to easily generate precise budget figures for their market.


Car demo technology

Sound systems, air conditioning, interior and exterior lighting are all important components when a client is deciding on what car model to choose. That’s why the dealers who can offer a demonstration of the whole car, directly in the showroom, will have a great advantage over their competitors.

The car’s driving characteristics is basically the only thing that a car dealer can’t provide without a test drive. But that is both expensive for the retailer and for the environment. With the help of new technology, some manufacturers can now offer a demonstration of the car’s technology on site, without having to turn the key. This means that a potential customer can “experience” the car in a whole new way already in the showroom. At Brigo Automotive, we are constantly working to improve the opportunities for our customers to demonstrate their car models, both through physical demo products and through new technology.



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