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Make your showroom more effective with Volvo Car Showmode. Instead of being greeted by black screens, this smart device allows your customers to experience the car’s intuitive interface and technologies as in drive mode. The system is easily installed and removed without affecting the car.


Bring your cars to life

The Showmode system puts a Volvo car into a demonstration mode. In demonstration mode all electronics are enabled while harmful and unwanted functions are disabled providing a safe demonstration environment.

Showmode in action

This it how it works

The instrument panel will show error messages. As Showmode is blocking some vital functions (steering wheel, wipers) this is detected by the car and the message and warnings will appear on the screen. On SPA cars the messages can be cleared.

The car key shall never be stored in the car as a safety precaution. Showmode disables engine start but as the user can disconnect the controller the engine could be started if the key is present.


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The system

Easy to install – can be removed without affecting the car

All electronics and displays are turned on and are working as if the car had the ignition turned on, this includes centerstack, instrument panel and head up display.

The signature Tors hammer lights are always turned on and cannot be turned off by the user.

Head lights, horn, windshield wipers, blinkers, head rest folwing and washers are blocked and cannot be activated by the user.
The steering wheel is locked to protect the flooring (on vehicles that are equipped with steering lock), steering servo is disabled for the same reason.


How to install the Showmode


User manual and software


Q&A and release notes

Sometimes the Showmode system shuts down and the car goes to sleep, why is this happeing?

There are several reasons why this can happen, to start the system again just unplug and reconnect the Showmode controller in the OBD port then check for possible reasons from the list below;

  • If the car has been started with a car key present the Showmode controller has stopped working, To restart the Showmode controller, remove the key from the car, unplug the controller and reconnect it again.
  • If the Showmode controller detects a low voltage signal from the car it shuts down the Showmode system to protect the car battery. Check that the battery charger is the one supplied with the Showmode system. Check that the software version is 0010 or higher, see the user manual regarding checking software version.

I connected everything but the car does not wake up, what can be the reasons?

Check the following things first;

  1. The most common reason is that the Showmode battery charger is not connected. Make sure it is connected before connecting the Showmode controller. Disconnect and reconnect the Showmode controller.
  2. If the battery was discharged it might take some time for the charger to raise the voltage to 13.5 V that is required for the Showmode controller to start. Check the battery voltage or just let the charger work an hour before reconnecting the Showmode controller again.
  3. If there is still no luck? See the Where can I get help section below.

Can the engine be started in showmode?

No the engine start is blocked and the parking brake is always engaged.

Where can I get help?

We are happy to help, please send an e-mail to, state Support Showmode in the title and provide us with the following information;

  • Car model
  • VIN number
  • Controller serial number
  • Problem description
  • Your phone number

Release notes