“We always strive to be better”

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How are we getting better? How do we take the next steps? These are questions we ask ourselves daily. For 18 months the Produktionslyftet production initiative has given us the opportunity to look at these issues in depth, so as to achieve our objective of a better and more efficient organisation.

The Produktionslyftet project is an extensive programme aimed at raising the productivity, competitiveness and development capacity of Swedish industry. The process is based on principles associated with Lean, but takes as its starting point the challenges and ambitions that are most important to the individual company. In our case, this has meant that, as an organisation, we are now better at assigning responsibility, and so can take more rapid and better decisions. During the time we have taken part in the Produktionslyftet project, ten of our employees have trained in the Lean model. This has also meant that we have had the opportunity to break down and improve each component of the project in detail. Among other things this has resulted in the “Brigo Book”, ambitiously documenting our entire production system.

Read an article about Brigo at Produktionslyftet.se här.

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