Next season for outdoor furniture manufacturers

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For the outdoor furniture manufacturer, autumn is a busy time. You are looking for inspiration for your next collection, perhaps in the allure and beauty of everyday environments, making that first draft, and scout for interesting materials and partners. There is also a new aspect to your work now: as an outdoor furniture manufacturer, you can help people spend more time together outside, even when it is a bit chilly, to increase well-being as well as avoid spreading the coronavirus. 

Since the virus struck, investments in the outdoor environment have become a steadily growing trend, and based on the virus’ forecasts we can imagine a similar trend for next season too. Now more than ever, the terraces, patios and gardens are seen as extensions of homes and public spaces, and in order to deliver luxurious, customized products like sofas and sunbeds, cushions and pillows, curtains and other outdoor furnishings the fabrics an outdoor furniture manufacturer chooses should be both beautiful, functional and long lasting. 

For us at Brigo, it’s all about sustainable, quick drying, beautiful fabrics and high-quality finishing’s. Our absolute strength lies in textile projects of various kinds, and with our collaboration we try to inspire, delight and bring people together outside in an effortless way.

To consider when choosing materials as an outdoor furniture manufacturer

As an outdoor furniture manufacturer, customer unique furniture and furnishing solutions are a way for you to let your customers extend the pleasant season outdoors even more, transforming every single garden space into a place for socializing – with a safe distance and fresh air. Furnishings made of high-quality technical materials, fabrics and foams have an increased, and sought-after, usability. These cushions and similar products can be used to a greater extent, even left outdoors. They are easy to wipe off and clean, dry faster, won’t become mouldy and result in less environmental waste: the cost is higher but so is also the durability. 

We at Brigo know the technique behind long lasting, outdoor soft seating and outdoor furnishings. Our role as a reliable partner for the outdoor furniture manufacturer of course involves working under confidentiality agreements. To us, every project is a question of trust. Today we act as a supplying partner for many outdoor furniture manufacturers of premium and high-end brands, all with the same goal: to create luxurious, contemporary furnishings that will last for several seasons outdoors and are easy to clean and maintain. The materials we love to work with and recommend is

  • Sunbrella – a superior outdoor fabric
  • Urecel QuickDry – an advanced, high-performing foam 

Fabrics and foams for outdoor furniture manufacturers

Your goal as an outdoor furniture manufacturer is intertwined with ours: create sustainable outdoor furnishings that performs perfectly and keeps its looks year-round, regardless of the weather. Sunbrella is a tactile yet durable outdoor fabric with industry-leading environmental characteristics. The fabric is meticulously crafted for a lifespan of up to 10 years, keeping outdoor furniture manufacturers’ products look brilliant long past the common expiration date of most consumer-grade fabrics. It is better at enduring sun and weather damage, easier to clean and maintain, scratch and cut resistant, longer-lasting, and offers more choices when it comes to colours and designs. Furnishings made of Sunbrella fabrics are easy to care for and offer long life – wherever they are used.

Urecel QuickDry is a foam specifically designed for outdoor cushions, with in-built “open cell” structure enabling water and moisture to evaporate quickly and prevent moulds. If needed, we can add waterproof membranes inside the cushions for an even higher water-resistant solution. This foam completely outperforms closed-cell, non-reticulated, regular foams, to any outdoor furniture manufacturer this is an obvious choice.

A specialist partner for outdoor furniture manufacturers

Brigo’s many years of experience in outdoor furniture manufacturing makes us a valued partner for the contract sector. From the design phase to the finish line, outdoor furniture manufacturers experience the expertise of Brigo. Our business concept is to develop and manufacture customer-unique products in long-term partnerships, helping our customers to bring their products to the market. We operate in several product areas and can thus transfer technology, skills and ideas between different industries to deliver innovative solutions to product problems. Here at Brigo you’ll find 

  • production on demand
  • flexible production capacity
  • product development
  • project manufacturing and management
  • warehousing and distribution to end customers

and much more. Brigo also offers European-based production with many advantages compared to producing in Asia, for example

  • short lead time
  • flexibility in quantities
  • lower risk in both quality and economy
  • the possibility to produce smaller series in more colors

If you are an outdoor furniture manufacturer, or have any other inquiries, you’re welcome to get in touch with us! Our global partner network of skilled professionals are ready for you.

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