New window fabric collection

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Curtains are not only a stylish interior detail but are also an effective tool for interior designers and architects to work with the acoustics. The Sunbrella Window Collection is a new interesting collection of fabrics of 3 meters width which makes it optimal for curtain manufacture. Few joints and seams provide a more optimal product. The textiles have a soft and attractive color range with a structure that gives the curtains an exclusive feel. Fabrics with acrylic fiber are also both water-repellent, bleach-resistant and UV-protective.

Brigo manufactures custom-made curtains to meet every unique interior, both indoors and outdoors. Sunbrella Window Collection is available as an order item.

If you want to know more about our curtain offer, please contact our business area manager:

Linda Wallin

+46 (0) 31 89 18 13
+46 (0) 736 56 13 01 

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