Brigo Interior

Brigo manufactures high quality products for the furniture industry and for projects. You find our furnitures and cushions in hotel and wellness areas, in public spaces, in offices, in furniture stores and also on yachts and cruise ships.


Our high quality cushions are used by both furniture manufacturers and interior designers


Cushions and decorative pillows in functional, high quality materials, which maintain good comfort even under hard weather conditions


Quality hanging fabrics for public areas, resistance to both UV and moisture for multipurpose use

Hotel & Wellness

Furnishing solutions for public areas, focusing on function and easy care

Maritime and Boat

Our seating cushions and pillows are optimal for marine environments


“Special is the new standard”

Brigo manufactures and distributes high quality textile products and furnitures for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our customers include interior design companies and furniture manufacturers. Our strength is being able to meet their high standards of quality and quick deliveries; for hotel and restaurant projects for example. Most of the deliveries leaving our factory in Poland are subject to some form of customisation. So we playfully say that “special is the new standard”.

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Design with robust features

Wherever possible we use fabrics from Sunbrella in our textile products. These are manufactured with robust performance characteristics that provide a high resistance to fading, moisture and chemicals. The fabric is both tactile and durable and has an industry-leading environmental performance. It is easily maintained and durable – no matter where it is used.

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We have 3000 m2 of production area to support us

Brigo’s factory in Poland gives us full control of the supply chain, from planning and quality assurance to delivery. Many of our furnishing products are made here, such as cushions, covers and curtains. Lean production allows us to maximise customer value and ensure quality at all levels. A strategic location on the continent allows us to offer rapid delivery throughout Europe.

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Total amount of fabric (m²) we use every year.


Total storage area(m²) Brigo has in Sweden and Poland.


Total production area (m²) Brigo has in Sweden and Poland.

We are team Brigo Interior

Brigo consists of a large team of production and project managers with many years’ experience in the furniture industry.

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Sales / supply chain
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Louise Nore
Sales / supply chain
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Pernilla Hedendahl
Sales / supply chain
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Magdalena Löfgren
Sales / supply chain
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