Brigo Automotive

We provide the automotive industry with demonstration and promotional materials such as paint samples, upholstery samples, decor samples and various display materials. Among our customers are several of the world’s largest car manufacturers.


Paint, upholstery and decor samples

Brigo manufactures and distributes paint samples, upholstery samples, decor samples and display materials for several of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Common features of our automotive projects are global logistics, a rapid pace and a high volume of information. Car manufacturers change their offerings several times a year, placing exacting demands on planning and delivery performance in order for dealerships around the world to provide their showrooms with the right materials at the right time.

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Brigo’s offering

A unique concept for logistics and planning

Which markets do we work in? Which car models are sold in which markets? Which display systems do the dealerships have in their showrooms?
By collecting all the information in our system, we have created a subscription service in which each individual dealership is automatically given the correct display materials. Our portal provides each marketing manager with an overview of active subscriptions, allowing them to easily generate precise budget figures for their market.

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Control of the supply chain

To maintain the confidence of the world’s major car manufacturers, delivery performance is key, even when the demands for rapid change are exacting. Most of our products are manufactured in our own modern factory in Poland. This gives us full control of the supply chain, from planning and quality assurance to delivery. Lean production allows us to maximise customer value and ensure quality at all levels.

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Number of countries to which we delivered display products in 2017.


Number of showrooms we provided with display products in 2017.


Total number of products we manufactured and delivered worldwide in 2017.

We are team Brigo Automotive

Brigo consists of a large team of creatives, production managers and project managers with many years of experience in the automotive industry.

Thomas Lövgren
Business area manager
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Pernilla Dahlbom
Key Account manager
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Christian Kestermann
Sales & Development
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Jessica Wennerström
Sales / supply chain
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Christina Maack
Sales / supply chain
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Annica Käll
Sales / supply chain
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