About us

Brigo are developers, producers, creators, project managers – a responsible, resourceful partner by your side. We make products happen every day, in every way.

Our story

Brigo’s founders, Eddie and Thomas, met in 2001. Eddie worked at Space, a company that produced trade fairs and furnishings for stands, which included special production in short series with short lead times and many subcontractors. Thomas worked at Sigma and built computer systems to control and streamline production flows for a wide range of different companies. After a year, the idea of starting a business together took shape. They wanted to combine their different expertise into manufacturing customer-unique products in a network of suppliers.
Ever since then, Brigo has grown. People with different backgrounds and personalities have joined in, building the company to what it is today, adopting the same way of thinking as from the start: for us, every project is unique and flexible, independent of processes. We focus entirely on the customer’s needs when developing and manufacturing the products.



Innovative and personal – in the long run

We want you to be successful. And at the same time, we want to enjoy our daily work and feel good about what we do. Luckily, this goes hand in hand when done right. Brigo as a business model looks like a house, where our way of work is the foundation and the personal contact is the very heart of our company. Sprung from that we got four building rocks:

  • customer value – smarter solutions, problem solving, money saving and overall responsibility, to name a few of the things you can expect from us. When partnering up with Brigo, you get the opportunity to produce completely customized products that create better profitability for you. You also get the opportunity to feel confident: we add everything needed to make the product happen in the very best way.
  • long term – we strive for long-term relationships, both inside the Brigo house, with our suppliers and with you as our customers. Every assignment requires that we invest in knowledge, tools and working methods as well as a wholehearted commitment, including a great deal of continuous learning and refinement of all processes. It is in the long run that these investments provide returns.
  • innovation – all products can be manufactured in more than one way. Brigo explore all possibilities to find the best solution, always in close cooperation with you and our suppliers. Our task is to lead and structure the project, see the possibilities and make it happen, whether it is a new product or an existing one that needs improvement.
  • personal – Brigo’s business concept is largely based on networking. Our good personal relationships, inhouse and externally, are crucial to the company’s success. We care about our colleagues, show consideration, listen to every opinion and rejoice in the success of others. And at the same time, we are unpretentious and let you take credit for the result being perfect.

The way we work

Even though we are your partner, Brigo is invisible – your brand and product are in focus. Our business is almost all about contract manufacturing and production on demand, with nearly no products of our own. This also differs us from traditional suppliers. We have our eyes on you and your product, the process and the materials, allowing us to deliver broader product solutions that span over multiple technology areas.
Hands on, we work according to lean, a philosophy and a way of thinking that means constantly questioning and evolving. It is a structured way of working with the smartest routines for different tasks. Lean is also about eliminating waste, like overproduction, unnecessary transport, stockpiling
or reworking because something has gone wrong. The method lets us take advantage of all the creativity and knowledge that the house of Brigo holds, and affects three categories: suppliers, leadership and employees.
Our suppliers are an important part of Brigo. We carefully choose who we work with, building long-term relationships and trust that results in a strong, high-quality production system.

Lean in leadership includes supporting, encouraging/challenging, training, coaching and leading everyone towards the company’s goals and visions. All of our leaders, from managers to supervisors to every person at Brigo with a specific area of responsibility, are on site when something happens. They are present, available and have good process knowledge. And what to be said about our outstanding employees? Other than: they are Brigo, constantly developing the company and contributing to our entrepreneurial spirit at all levels. Their open minds and solid commitment lets everyone thrive and have fun at work.