December, 2020

Brigo present: a face shield visor made of bioplastic



Brigo present: a face shield visor made of bioplastic

The first round of covid-19 in February 2020 put pressure on the manufacturers of PPE, Personal Protection Equipment, where we at Brigo were quick to act and today have a high demand for our face shield visors. Then we kept on thinking: would it be possible to also develop a sustainable alternative? Same features, but other materials?

After considering different solutions, we ended up with bioplastic as the best material when it comes to reducing this product’s contribution of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Bio Face Shield Visor – a sustainability product

Brigo’s bio face visor, Face Shield – Bioplastic, is a greener kind of protection equipment, made out of components based on renewable raw materials. Since this kind of product consists of several different materials, material recycling gets complicated. Therefore, the product is rather suitable for energy recovery, and at the same time suitable for use in healthcare as face shield visors and other protective products are normally sent for incineration to avoid infection.

The purpose of this product is to reduce the overall environmental impact of the visor. To succeed in this, we use bioplastics that come from renewable sources to the greatest possible extent. This technology is constantly evolving and improving as the use of bioplastics increases – today more than 30% of the product is derived from renewable sources. The bio face shield visor is type tested, as its original, and certified according to EN-166, as a category II PPE. It can be cleaned with alcohol or surface disinfectants and then used again.

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The features of the bio face shield visor

When developing the bio face shield visor, we wanted it to continue to be as comfortable and stable as it original, certified with the same optical properties – Class 1 EN-166. And the result is to our satisfaction. Our bio face visor looks and feels the same, covering the face and protects against droplets and splashes with low product weight and soft foam that breathes. It has a reduced risk of irritating the skin, leaving pressure marks or abrasions, or giving heat rashes. The bio face shield stays in place even during rapid movements, and there is no need to adjust the cover during use.

As the original Brigo face shield, the bio face shield visor is certified according to EN166, EN166 3, EN166 3 S and EN 166:2001.

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