November, 2018

Urecel QuickDry – Foam padding that is unbeatable in an outdoor environment



For several years we have worked with Urecel as a supplier of foam materials for our outdoor products. Urecel’s quick dry concept makes their material unbeatable in an outdoor environment. Using a three-ply structure we can manufacture cushions that are moisture repellent, quick drying and easy to clean, properties that make them perfect for hotel lounges, restaurant terraces, boats and outdoor furniture.

Urecel’s distinctive foam gets its porous structure from a technique called Hydro-Blast Reticulation. This allows moisture accumulating in the cushion to quickly drain down to its underside. This means that you will stay warm and dry, even if you are sitting outside in the cold and wet.

Read more about Urecel QuickDry here

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A shop-in-shop stocking over 1000 items sold loose



Fredells in Stockholm is one of northern Europe’s largest DIY stores with 47,000 m2 of floor space. Each department has an extensive display area where products are exhibited in built environments, often with the supplier’s own in-store concession. Fast Smart Fästteknik is one of the brands represented, with its entire range, at Fredells, this means over a thousand products – sold both separately and packaged.

Together with Fast we have developed a tailor-made in-store concession solution. One challenge has been to combine the sale of boxed items with the sale of loose individual items. We solved this by creating a colour coded shelf system. This involves locating the boxed items together with the boxes of loose individual items. This makes it easier for customers to find the right items and at the same time optimises the concession’s sales.

“Fast has a unique retail concept with a clear and simple colour coding system that guides the customer in the store and also simplifies the use of the product”, says Christian Sagelv, Category Manager at Fredells Byggvaruhus.

Fast was launched on the Swedish market in 2012 and today their in-store concession system is used in over 500 stores. All system components are in place in our own warehouse. This allows us to deliver a new system, tailored and ready for a store, within three days.

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Tactile properties in a digital world



How does the leather smell? What does the texture of the panel feel like? How does the paintwork reflect in different light conditions? We make a car purchase with all of our senses, so while we can customise a car model on a website or in an app, it is difficult for a digital screen to convey tactile properties such as feel, smell and structure.

Brigo manufactures and distributes demonstration products for several of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Fabric samples, paint samples and other demonstration products impose exacting demands on both design and logistics. The design, location, finish and quality of products can all be decisive factors in the purchase of a car. Naturally, to optimise sales, each dealership must be provided, on time, with the correct material for its car models.

Brigo has developed a unique concept for the automotive industry; this includes the production, warehousing, logistics and invoicing of display products. This allows the optimisation of production and warehousing, the automation of orders and providing marketing managers with precise budget figures.

And most importantly. Customers can use all of their senses to get the right feel before they choose their car.

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Tactile is a word used to describe the transmission of information or feeling through touch. Examples of information that can be registered through touch include temperature, hardness, pressure, surface properties and shape. Braille is an example of information that can be read off tactilely.
Source: Wikipedia